Written in 2010, its lyrics were inspired by Kristin Davis’ decision to follow her then-husband, a neuro-pathologist, to Saudi Arabia where he was taking on a new job. Davis recalls: “I knew the marriage was over before I even left, but my mother was telling me to give it another shot. Once I was there I realized it was a mistake and I couldn’t wait to get out of there and set my life in the right direction. I knew in my heart I never should have married him. But it’s not so easy to leave Saudi Arabi. It’s not like you can grab your purse and get in the car and go.” So the song is really about Davis’ desire and decision to redirect her life.

Pete Davis and Ascione wrote the musical arrangement for this song early in their career but it was, “A completely different song then,” says Pete Davis. “It was more rock oriented.” This catchy, pop-driven lover’s lament was made more current when Kristin came up with lyrics depicting a failed relationship with Pete and his then girlfriend; hence the lyrics: “Nice guys finish last, or so they say. Too hard to face the world these days.”

SPARKS (a morning song)
Kristin Davis sent Pete Davis and Ascione a video of her during a guitar lesson. “She’d come up with this melody line and groove and asked us what we thought. We went into Matt’s studio and just laid it down and built on it and it just came together,” says Pete Davis. For Kristin Davis, “Sparks” is an emotional turning point. “I’m in a good place right now and a healthy place with my relationship and this song is about how I feel.”

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The band’s sound is a mix of dance grooves, funk bass and splitting metal guitar riffs, but the most unique element of their sound is the haunting melodies and vocals from lead singer Kristin Davis which sets the band apart from other alternative artists.

The message of their songs address many global issues including climate change, social equality, diversity and failed personal relationships. The band has recorded with such artists as multi Grammy nominee Tim Eyermann and Andy Waldec from Earth to Andy (Giant Records). Over the last few years, their personal lives have taken each band member in different life directions, their chemistry has stood the test of time and have come back full circle.
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Singing hadn’t been in Kristin Davis’ career trajectory, in fact, her entire involvement in her brother Pete’s band, The Young Citizens (later Sweet Davis) came together entirely by chance. Pete Davis recalls: “There was always music at our house. Being the drummer, you don’t want to lug your equipment so our house became the rehearsal spot. We always had a lot of different musicians who would sit in and play with us. I just never realized my sister would be one of them!”

On one particular night they were having a jam session at the house, a combination party/rehearsal session for an upcoming show at a bar in D.C. called the Barbequed Iguana. When the singer didn’t show, Kristin, who had had a couple drinks and was feeling no pain, grabbed the microphone and started singing. Pete Davis recalls: “I knew my sister had musical talent but had never really heard her sing. That night we knew she was it.”

Kristin recalls their first gig at the Barbequed Iguana: “The bar had beer taps coming out of the walls and you were handed a plastic cup when you paid your cover charge; a true hole-in-the-wall,” says Kristin Davis. “The stage steps were a series of milk crates which made it a challenge to move equipment up and down onto the stage. We were so nervous and energized playing that we blazed through our set list at lightening speed and I ended up singing Police cover tunes to fill the time.”

During the early stages of their career, Pete and Kristen Davis gigged at various venues in the D.C. area. They met and played with musicians such as Andy Waldeck from Earth To Andy (Giant Records), and Grammy nominee saxophonist Tim Eyermann from East Coast Offering. The band went through a few lineup transitions before finally settling on the current trio with includes Matt Ascione.

The band’s personal taste in music is incredibly eclectic—Pete Davis credits influences such the Police, Rush, Arctic Monkeys the Ramones, Echo and the Bunnymen for giving them their unique sound. The range of alternative influences have somehow helped Sweet Davis channel up-tempo melodies, which when combined with Kristin Davis’ unique voice, melodic orchestral arrangements and thought provoking lyrics—gives the listener songs that will leave you jonesin’ for more.

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Band Members:
Vocals: Kristin Davis
Guitar/Vocals: Matt Ascione
Drums/Keys: Pete Davis
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