With the release of their new album Take Everything Back Watford rock band Lost Without Cause have and are grabbing a more constant and eager wave of support, the release is a vibrant collection of rock music that ooze creativity and great sounds. The band members are no strangers to attention and some success, with being featured on MTV 2 in 2007, a single that broke into the UK Charts, and two successful tours and plenty of impressive shows with the likes of My Passion, Fei Comodo, Don Broco, and Lower Than Atlantis coming over recent years. That extra step into a wider recognition and awareness has just avoided them but with Take Everything Back that is surely going to change.

   Consisting of seven songs that bulge with intelligent guitars, emotive riffs and flowing melodies the album shows a band confident in songwriting and the realisation into a finished song. The band is made up of vocalist and bassist Si Marks, Andy Holland on guitar, and recent addition to the band drummer JJ. Their rock sound is flavoured with sounds that remind of bands like New Found Glory and All American Rejects with traces of A.F.I., Lost Prophets, and Puddle of Mudd. Lost Without Cause takes these spices to merge into their own ideas creating a sound that carries its own identity.
Though across the release the consistency is high, the opening track ‘Trigger’ and the closer ‘Situation’ stand out a little more than the others. As ‘Trigger’ plays one imagines it would be a fan favourite at their lives shows and the song that energises the night most of all. The song also their recent single, opens the album with an infectious groove laden rock and pop punk blend that makes one eager for what is ahead. Strong drums pace the attack with an incessant edge whilst the guitar of Holland has fun with its riffs and grooves whilst the vocals of Marks complete the track with a keen urgency and edge. 

    As the album plays there is a twin attack from the band with their sound. As with the opener tracks like ‘Come On’ and again ‘Situation’ let loose with a pacey pop punk briskness. The songs ripple with enticing hooks, beckoning basslines, and drums that propel constantly into the ear. Within this there are melodies that invite and flirt with abandon to create songs that play as eagerly as they engage the senses. The other side to Lost Without Cause’s music are songs that flow with an emotive and more intense and serious rock feel as on ‘You Won’t Know’ and ‘Lost My Mind’. These songs breathe emotion from the lyrics through to the vocals to great effect, and though quite markedly different to the more raucous sounds fit alongside them perfectly.

   The music of Lost Without Cause whether heavy in intent and feel or ranging from rock/punk to pop punk as in ‘Loser’ and the closing and other strongest track ‘Situation’ come without unnecessary compilations and indulgences, allowing the essence of the songs to be freely felt and heard. The latter of these two songs is a rampant slice of rock standing with both barrels smoking as it proudly explodes with its additive glory.

     Take Everything Back is a release of definite quality and enjoyment which deserves all the attention and acclaim it gets. It is also the next step on the rise of Lost Without Cause and the promise of even greater things to come. 

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